The Best Shelves For Decluttering Your Home

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The Best Shelves For Decluttering Your Home

In this post we will discuss the best shelves for decluttering your home. One problem many homeowners face is having too much stuff and nowhere to put it. I know I’m constantly looking for ways to minimize clutter by either getting rid of things or putting things in storage.

What is the Best Way to Declutter Your Home?

Everyone accumulates clutter in their homes especially when they have children. I know I end up with at least 3 to 4 textbook sized stacks of papers from my kids school each year alone. That’s not including special projects and drawings that my kids make that I need to find space for in my home. But finding the best shelves for decluttering your home isn’t difficult.

Minimizing clutter is a constant battle that we homeowners face. There are various ways to slow the accumulation of clutter. One way is to go through papers, clothes and toys at least once per month until it becomes a routine.

Another way is to make an effort to purge unused items from an area of the home at least once per week. You can do this by putting things into storage that you don’t use on a regular basis.

Why does Clutter happen?

I’ve lived at my current address for just over 16 years, in that time my partner and I have had 3 kids and several animals. As everyone knows if you’ve lived at a place for 5 years or more you accumulate a LOT of stuff over the years. Well this also holds true when you have kids at least it does in my case.

Despite numerous attempts to declutter my home I still end up with quite the amount of clutter. Whether it’s old kids clothes, kids’ school papers or projects, or old kids’ toys the clutter never seems to end.

I even have 2 times a year I purge all of the old items from my home. The first is obviously spring cleaning and the second is fall cleaning.

Best Shelves To Declutter The Home

So what are some types of shelves you could use to minimize the amount of clutter in your home? You could use bookshelves to put knick-knacks on or to display your kids’ art projects. You could also use shadow box shelves as a modern way to display your favorite things in your home.

I have a mirror backed shadow box shelf that was built by my grandmother and my father. It’s one of my most treasured items in my home because it was built with care and love. Its mounted to the wall in my living room and I keep all my inherited knick-knacks on it.

Finally you could use cubbie style shelves to store your kids’ coats, backpacks and other school related items. You could even use it to store your own coats, purses, and umbrellas.

Common Questions/FAQ About The Best Shelves To Declutter The Home

What should I do with items that I don’t need anymore?

You can choose to donate them to a charity organization or sell them to make some extra cash if you need it. I regularly donate items we don’t use to a local church. I have also sold gently used items on sites like Letgo or Offerup. There are also sites where you can sell gently used clothing and shoes like Poshmark and Mecari.

How can I declutter my home fast?

Focus on one room at a time and go through that room. I use laundry baskets to help me declutter a room fast. I have one for things to keep, one for things that need to be moved to another room, and one for things that need to be thrown out. For example, I go into my living room and I work in a clockwise manner within that room then I move on to another room.

What should I do with sentimental items that I don’t use?

Don’t keep an item just because it is sentimental if you don’t use it. Take a photo of the item and display it on a shelf in your living space. There are many things of sentimental value that I’ve had to get rid of over the years simply because it never got used and it took up too much space in my home.

I’m overwhelmed and I don’t know where I should start what should I do?

Okay just take a deep breath and focus your efforts on one room for 15 to 20 minutes. You will want to work in short bursts and take breaks in between so as not to overwhelm yourself. It took time for you to accumulate all the stuff you have, it will take time to get rid of the stuff you don’t want or can’t use anymore.

What is the 4 box method for getting rid of clutter?

The 4 box method refers to using 4 separate boxes to organize your stuff. You basically designate 4 boxes; the first box should be labeled KEEP, the second box should be labeled DONATE/SELL, the third box should be labeled STORAGE, and the final box should be labeled TRASH. Go through each room in your home and put items into their respective boxes, before you know it your home will be clutter free.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Decluttering The Home

Remember there are ways you can combat the clutter of everyday life. Get into the habit of decluttering your home on a regular basis and before you know it it will become a weekly routine. You can also minimize the amount of paper that comes into your home by going paperless on a lot of your bills.

What are some tips or tricks you use to declutter your living space? Leave them in the comments section. Check out my post on Home Decorating On A Budget for other great design ideas.

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