Kitchen Organization Products

Kitchen Organization Products Do They Work?

In this blog post we will discuss whether or not kitchen organization products work, and which ones you should try. Just a quick note that this post contains affiliate links for the best kitchen organization products. Which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.

The Best Products for Kitchen Organization

Kitchen organization products come in all different forms from shelving units to flatware organizers and more. Spice racks are also a common kitchen organization tool, another common product is a mug rack. So, what kitchen organization products should you buy? The simple answer is to buy only what you will use.

Because, your trying to organize your kitchen not create more clutter with unneeded products right. If you need a spice rack and a utensil holder buy them. Don’t buy a set of shelves just to have them because you may never use them. Start small then work your way up to bigger items if you feel you will need them.

So what kitchen organization products will help you get and stay organized? The answer depends on what your trying to accomplish. Are you trying to reorganize your fridge or your cabinets? Will your kitchen benefit from new shelves or wall hanging baskets? Focus on one area of your kitchen organize it, then move on to another area.

What is Kitchen Organization?

Organizing your kitchen isn’t too difficult unless you have too much stuff in your kitchen. For example let’s say you have 2 or 3 different 12 piece dishware sets that’s just too much. So, focus on limiting the amount of dishware down to 1 everyday set, and 1 special occasions set.

Reduce the amount of stuff you have cluttering up your kitchen. You can donate unneeded stuff to charities or if you have enough stuff you could have a yard sale. While you are getting rid of things you don’t need or use, you may find that you will be able to reorganize your kitchen easily.

Above all, keep your thoughts focused on your end goal, organizing your kitchen. You could also re-purpose stuff you find around your house to help you. An example would be re-purposing an old dresser into a kitchen island, if your kitchen is big enough to fit one. Another example is reusing old shelves for storing kitchen items like produce.

Why does this kitchen disorganization happen?

Kitchen disorganization happens for a number of reasons, as a result of a situation at work. This stressful situation can spillover in your personal life causing disorder. Another cause is called habitual disorganization this occurs as a result of bad habits that have grown over a period of time.

In all honesty, I am habitually disorganized and as a result I do try its hard to break old bad habits. I’m working on turning those bad habits into good ones. I was raised in a home that I would describe as somewhat orderly chaos. Everything was organized to a point, but it also wasn’t completely organized at the same time. If that makes any sense at all.

I’ve taken steps to curb the disorganization in my own kitchen by creating a few areas where I can keep specific things. For example, one of my cupboards has all of my baking supplies while another cupboard has all my dried goods like rice and pasta.

Best Products to Overcome Kitchen Disorganization

There is quite a long list of kitchen organization products that you could use to help you get your kitchen organized. Due to the shear number of items that could be used, I’ve included a list of only the top 10 commonly used products below.

  • Shelving Units
  • Storage Bins
  • Baskets
  • Counter Top Shelves
  • Storage Container Organizers
  • Food Storage Containers
  • Pot Rack Organizer
  • Stackable Can Organizer Rack
  • Under Sink Shelf Organizer
  • Labels and Label Makers

Common Questions/FAQ About Kitchen Organization Products

What types of shelves should I buy wood or metal?

That answer depends on you and your preferences and tastes. For example, I prefer wooden shelving units over metal simply because I think they look better in my kitchen. However, if you prefer metal shelves then buy metal ones, you could also paint the shelves to match the color scheme of your kitchen.

How many different kitchen organization products should I buy?

Again, that answer depends on you and your needs as well as your budget. I recommend buying only the products you really need when you begin organizing your kitchen. For example, start off with buying 1 shelving unit and maybe 1 or 2 sets of food containers to begin organizing your pantry. Then, branch out and start organizing the kitchen after that.

How much should I spend on organizing supplies?

My advice is to start with a small budget, maybe $100, take that and buy what you can. Then, you can buy more supplies if you need them, but only if you need them. The goal is to buy only enough supplies to organize your kitchen or pantry. If you enjoy DIY projects you may even be able to spend less than that $100, it will just be more time intensive.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Organizing Your Kitchen

Remember, organizing your kitchen is a process and you may end up rearranging everything to your liking more than once before your satisfied. When I first started organizing my kitchen and pantry, it took me 2 or 3 times of rearranging things so everything was just how I liked it.

What is your favorite organization product that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below. My favorite organizing product that I couldn’t live without would have to be my spice rack. If you need other decor or budgeting ideas check out my blog posts on Creating A Mosaic Tile Table Top and Creating Budgeting Goals.

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