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Best Air Fryers To Stop Eating Unhealthy

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Best Air Fryers To Stop Eating Unhealthy

In this blog post, we will be discussing the best air fryers and how you can stop eating unhealthy in the process. Eating food that has been deep-fried in oil isn’t a new thing, in fact, its been around since around the 5th century BCE. However, just because it tastes good doesn’t mean its good for you. Eating fried foods can cause a whole long list of medical problems including; gallstones and heart attacks just to name a few.

In early January of 2019, I found out just how bad my diet had become. I ended up in the ER with severe upper abdominal pain. My deep-fried food addiction finally caught up with me, I had a large gallstone that became stuck in the next of my gallbladder. One of the surgeons told me I needed to have my gallbladder removed. Apparently, I had other gallbladder attacks in the past, but I had just assumed it was indigestion.

So, into surgery, I went, everything went well. But my doctor advised me that I couldn’t continue eating all the fried foods that I enjoyed. In other words, my diet needed to change. So, I started searching for ways to still enjoy fried foods but without all the oil. I did a search on Google for ways to make the foods that I enjoyed minus the deep-frying in oil. Then, I stumbled upon an ad for an air fryer.

What is Eating Unhealthy?

Eating unhealthy means that your diet is poor, whether you’re not getting enough of one vitamin or too much of another one. Even eating too much of one type of food isn’t good for you. I used to love homemade french fries with seasoned salt that I made in my deep fryer…yum. Since having my gallbladder removed I’ve learned that I can still eat the foods I love. I just have to prepare them differently.

That’s when things changed for me, I threw out my old deep fryer and began using my oven. I baked things like fries, tater tots, chicken, and more. That is until I did some research on buying an air fryer and found out that you can make just about anything with them. Things including; chicken, tater tots, and my favorite homemade french fries.

Why does Eating Unhealthy happen?

Many people eat unhealthily nowadays, whether its because they’re too busy or they don’t have the time to cook a proper meal. But, you can still eat healthily by replacing your deep fryer with an air fryer, air fryers were unveiled at the IFA in September of 2010. They quickly rose in popularity becoming one of the top 5 inventions at the fair.

All that greasy fast food is extremely unhealthy for you. Especially if you eat out at fast-food restaurants like every other day. You can end up with health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, gallstones and even heart attacks from eating greasy foods.

So, how can you stop eating unhealthy? There are a few ways you can curb the unhealthy foods from your diet. The first way is to bake your food instead of frying it, this allows the grease to cook out of the food. The second way is to use an air fryer instead of using a traditional deep fryer. This allows the food to be cooked using circulating hot air with little to no oil.

Best Air Fryers to Overcome Eating Unhealthy

There are so many air fryers out on the market today, it’s hard to choose one to buy. For example, I bought the one pictured in the first image of this article. It’s manufactured by GoWISE USA, I chose this one not only for its size but its features as well. I needed a large air fryer because I cook for a large family of 5. A standard size air fryer wouldn’t cut it, I would have to spend at least 1 and a half hours cooking 1 meal.

With 3 school-aged kids, after school activities and keeping up the house I wouldn’t have time to slave in a kitchen for longer than half an hour. With the large-capacity air fryer, I don’t have to spend more than 5 minutes using the presets on the air fryer to do its thing. So far I’ve made a whole fryer chicken, shake and bake pork chops and a few other dinners with my air fryer.

The one preset function I haven’t tried yet is the dehydrator because according to the instructions it takes anywhere from 8 hours up to 24 hours to dehydrate the food. I didn’t want to leave the air fryer on for that extended period of time while we’re sleeping. All in all, I’m quite happy we switched from a traditional deep fryer to an air fryer.

Common Questions/FAQ About Using The Best Air Fryers

Do air fryers use any oil?

The answer is both yes and no. You can use oil to season your food to taste but the air fryer itself uses superheated circulating air to cook the food. Most air fryer manufacturers recommend using as little as 1 teaspoon of oil and up to 1 tablespoon of oil in order to season your food however you like it

Are air fryers expensive?

The answer is no not really. The prices can range anywhere from as low as $40 up to $200 depending on the size of the unit and the features or accessories it comes with. Most of the time the price will vary depending on the size of unit. For example, my air fryer has a 12.7-quart capacity while others may have a 6.5-quart capacity.

Will my electric bill increase from using an air fryer?

The short answer is yes you may notice a slight increase in your electricity consumption. That is one of the reasons that I haven’t used the dehydrator function on my air fryer and I’ve had it for just over 10 months. But even if you use your air fryer to make dinner everyday you shouldn’t notice a huge jump in your electric bill.

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Remember the best air fryer out there is the one that fits your family’s needs. You don’t have to completely change your diet overnight to stop eating unhealthy. Take it one day at a time and focus on eating at least 1 healthy meal per day to start, once you’ve done that it will become a good habit.

What is your favorite meal to make with or without an air fryer? Leave me a comment and let me know. My favorite meal requires my air fryer and my stovetop. It’s whole fryer chicken with homemade mash potatoes made with milk and sour cream, and corn with margarine and a little bit of black pepper. Check out my blog post on Kitchen Organization Products for other great kitchen ideas.

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